About SNS

We're building the Identity Protocol Sui needs

Democracy featuring the SNS Crew.

This is not another ENS Copy.

We're taking the idea of a name service and building an empire.

The same projects, found on Ethereum and Solana, are now coming to Sui with little distinction. Examples of this are name services that are almost exact copies of ENS, or DeFi exchanges that are not made for mass adoption. This is a problem because...

"It is not the tech that makes the chain, it is the projects."

Blockchain, identity and domains are useless without purpose. That is why we are building core social services and gaming infrastructure along with it. All you need is a free Sui profile, and you can use any of our corresponding services. (No .sui domain necessary)

We are the first self-sustaining identity & payment protocol in Crypto.

Our goal is to build products that will bring and keep web2 users to Sui. As we continue to grow, we will release services and eventually games on Sui. But that is not all...

Giving back to the people

The SNS will be community-run via the $SNS DAO.

In no other time in history have people had a say in the protocols they use. We believe people should have a voice in the SNS, via a DAO. For this reason, we are pledging 25%+ of $SNS to be registered to early users, community members, and contributors. Learn more here.

We believe crypto is a force for good and our ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible. DAOs have so much potential and we want to build a new type of company, focused on helping individuals. If you cannot see the future by now, we want to make it clear: this is not your regular crypto protocol.

We're here for the people. Let's make history.

AnthonyFounder & CEOtwitter.com/mistertoucan

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We believe protocols should be owned by the people that use them.

Built by StorkLab in Delaware, United States.
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