Secure your spot in the $SNS DAO and join the most exclusive club on Sui

Anyone can be a Stork

The SNS Whitelist is made for our most devoted community members. Whitelisted members are called Storks. By becoming a Stork, you are automatically entered into the $SNS DAO token allocation, can register your domain before anyone else, receive 1x SNS Crew NFT whitelist, and plenty of more perks over time.

This is not your regular whitelist. It involves exclusive long-term benefits and influence.

Getting the Stork role is easy, but it depends on consistency and engagement. If you are active and work for the Stork role, you will get it. The purpose of the Stork role is to build an activity community on the SNS that understands our vision and helps us grow.

This means being active on all of our channels:

  • Liking SNS tweets every day
  • Inviting your friends to the SNS Discord
  • Minting your own domains and sharing them on twitter

Crew3 is the community management platform we use to keep track of your engagement. Log on to Crew3 every day and complete quests. Whitelist Stork role can be claimed on Crew3 at level 11.

Join the Whitelist

Join the Whitelist by getting to level 11 on our Crew3.

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We believe protocols should be owned by the people that use them.

Built by StorkLab in Delaware, United States.
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